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Janet L. Lazo-Davis

Dan T. Davis


Second Star Creations

Infertility’s Anguish

Everyone Else Is Pregnant, Why Not Us?

Exploring the Emotions of Infertility

by Jan & Dan Davis

Table of Contents


Realizing There's A Problem


Are We Infertile?



Rude Awakenings

Do We Keep Quiet or Tell the World?

Do I Want to Be Alone?


You Are Not Alone

Have We Done Something Wrong?

The Sin of Infertility


Children Are Required

Why Doesn’t My Family Understand?

Related Opinions


A Test of Wills

Why does the MAN care?

Life Goes On


The Story of G'Nor

How Do We Keep Communicating?

Honesty, the Best Medicine


What's So Funny?


Trying To Get Pregnant


Seeking Help, Choosing A Doctor

When It Takes More than Two


The Bookstore

Handling Drugs and Surgery

Treatment: Blessing or Curse?



Examining Alternative Pregnancies

Breaking the Rules


Beating the System

Considering Prayer

Prayer: Can it Help?


The Patience of John


Acknowledging Your Emotions


Riding the Roller Coaster

Going Up... to Hope


Going Down... to Despair

Never Expect to Be in Control

Those Everyday Gotcha' Times


Cat's in the Cradle

Oh, Those Holidays

Can Holidays Be Holy?


We Won’t Be Home for Christmas

What We've Lost!

Can You Touch It?


Can You See It?


Dealing With Your Emotions


Sharing Your Pain With Others

Cultivate Your Friends


Security in Numbers

Handling What People Say

What People Say


Present Intense

Staying In Touch With Your Spouse

Retreat with your Spouse


Betrayal and Healing

Dealing With Work

When Work is in the Way


“Dear Diary”

Accepting Others’ Parenting Decisions

You Can Do Better


A Nightlight for Her Worries

Giving Love to Pets

Pets as Therapy


A Knight in Shining Armor


Moving On With Your Life


Coping Mechanisms

Distract Yourself With Life


Velveteen Realities

Naming an Unborn Child

What’s in a Name?


Petals in the Wind

Adoption as an Option

Two Roads Diverged in a Wood, And I...


Child of My Heart

Childless or Childfree?

One Way or the Other


The Chains of Freedom

What We've Gained

Our Lives Are What We Make of Them


Freedom from Chains

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Updated: October 24, 2003