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Janet L. Lazo-Davis

Dan T. Davis



Second Star Creations

Infertility’s Anguish

Everyone Else Is Pregnant, Why Not Us?

Exploring the Emotions of Infertility

by Jan & Dan Davis

About the Authors


Janet L. Lazo-Davis is President of Second Star Creations, a consulting and publishing company founded in 1998. She graduated with a Masters degree from South Dakota State University and has managed an environmental engineering lab and a counseling center focusing on women with problem pregnancies. She also renovates homes for resale. Her hobbies include writing, quilting, and gardening.

Dan T. Davis helps companies build new technology businesses. His background includes time at Procter & Gamble, Universal Tax Systems, and Hallmark Cards. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Engineering; he received two Master’s Degrees at Stanford University, one in Industrial Engineering and one in Operations Research.


Updated: October 24, 2003