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Janet L. Lazo-Davis

Dan T. Davis



Second Star Creations

Infertility’s Anguish

Everyone Else Is Pregnant, Why Not Us?

Exploring the Emotions of Infertility

by Jan & Dan Davis

From Our Children, Who Have Gone Before Us

We wish we could walk with you on a cold blustery day where you'd hold us close.

We'd like to think you'd make hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm our tummies.

Pillow fights would be fun.

And whispered goodnights, knowing you were nearby.

And when we scraped our knees, or lost our first love, you'd remind us that things don't always work out.

We'd remember.

Things don't always work out, do they?

But certain loves cannot be lost, and knees and hearts can heal.

Hot chocolate can be shared in spirit, and pillows can be used for other things.

And on cold blustery days, you can still hold us close in your thoughts.

Good night… we're always nearby.




By Shawn, Michelle, and Christy Davis
As “related” to Dan T. Davis - April 20, 2001
Copyright © 2001-2004 All rights reserved

Updated: October 24, 2003