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Janet L. Lazo-Davis

Dan T. Davis



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Infertility’s Anguish

Everyone Else Is Pregnant, Why Not Us?

Exploring the Emotions of Infertility

by Jan & Dan Davis

You Are Not Alone!

Many couples struggling to have children go through their infertility crisis believing they are alone. Having dealt personally with infertility for many years, Jan and Dan Davis eloquently express what infertile couples encounter during their traumatic journey and how they can best endure.

Infertility’s Anguish explores situations couples experience during their journey to find their fertility. Using a conversational style and anecdotes based on interviews with numerous infertile couples, Jan and Dan take you through these experiences and help you to develop coping strategies.

If you have been diagnosed with impaired fertility, have a relative or friend dealing with this situation, or counsel people in infertility crisis, then Infertility’s Anguish can help you better understand the emotions and issues encountered during this life journey.


The stress that results from infertility is comparable to the stress from other major medical issues. Jan and Dan’s philosophy is that infertility, while grueling and filled with disappointments, can be an opportunity for personal growth and a strengthening of your relationship. — From the Foreword

— Dr. Jennifer Thie, Reproductive Endocrinologist

This could be my infertility story. The emptiness I feel daily is expressed on almost every page. Infertility’s Anguish is a must read for those seeking to understand and validate their feelings of great loss that come with unresolved infertility. An excellent resource for your concerned extended family.

— Kathie Steinhard, An Infertility Traveler

Over ten percent of women between the ages of twenty-five and forty-four will encounter infertility issues. (U.S. CDC report)

One of the best indicators of clinical success is the empathy of the clinician. Although not trained as clinical psychologists, the Davises have loads of empathy for the plight of the infertile. The insights expressed in Infertility's Anguish can help you move past the pain and into action and acceptance.

— Michael E. Young, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Infertility's Anguish helps couples to face and cope with the emotional issues of infertility. It can improve communication between a husband and wife, allowing them to deal with infertility's challenges as a more cohesive unit than before.

— Printha Merritt, Facilitator of Silent Angels, a church sponsored infertility support group

For those who know the sadness and hopelessness couples experience with infertility, Jan & Dan's book Infertility's Anguish offers, with compassion, love, and understanding, a ray of hope at the end of a dark tunnel.

— Ciro J. Rustici, Doctor of Chiropractic, Independence, Missouri

Updated: January 28, 2016